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Occupational Qualification Standards: Adult Educator IV

Standard is not valid
General Data
Name in English: ET: Täiskasvanute koolitaja/andragoog IV
EN: Adult Educator IV
Partial occupational qualifications:
Valid from: 03.02.2003
Valid to: 11.12.2006
Occupational qualification standard version no.: 1
Awarding Bodies: Andmed puuduvad
B Competency Requirements
B.2 Competences
C General information and Annexes
Designation of occupational qualification standard in register: 14-03022003-01/1
Field of occupational activity: Education
Occupational Qualification Council: Commercial Service and other business activities
No. of decision of Occupational Qualification Council: 12
Date of decision of Occupational Qualification Council: 03.02.2003
EstQF level:
Reference to European Qualifications Framework (EQF):
Subfield: Consultation and training
Occupation: Adult educator
International Standard Classification of Occupations: 2 Professionals
24 Business and Administration Professionals
242 Administration Professionals
2424 Training and Staff Development Professionals
ISCED Fields of Education and Training (ISCED-F 2013): 01 Education
011 Education
0111 Education science
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE): P EDUCATION
85 Education

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